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In our bangkok thai language school, the curriculum is thoroughly thought through to include vocabulary which can be used in many ways. Most educational institutions initially focus on statements such as "This is a desk / watch". However such statements are topic related and can only be used upon certain situations. So, in our school, you will first learn things that will be used for certain, and can be used in many differing scenarios.

◆◆ Example 1 ◆◆
If you don't know the word "Grandfather" in Thai language, What can you say in such case??
Rather than remembering extensive vocabulary, a smaller set of crucial words can be utilized. The statement "Father of Father" can be used in place of the word "Grandfather". You can communicate by combining the words that you do know.

◆◆ Example 2 ◆◆
If you don't know the word "white" in Thai language, What can you say in such case??
You do not know the word, "White", but know the word, "Black". What do you say in such case? You can say "What is the opposite color of black?" You can increase your vocabulary once you learn conventional expressions in Thai.
On the other hand, other educational institutions generally teach things such as "Hello" and "Where is the washroom?". But those things can be found in general textbooks or you can study by yourself. So, our school focuses on teaching the elements you can not learn by yourself as well as methods to improve your language skills quickly.
There are people who can somewhat speak Thai without going to a Thai language school. Although these people can speak Thai to certain extent, their future progression and mastering of the language will be stunted. As in buildings, tall buildings cannot be constructed unless the foundation is firmly fixed. In this case, everything needs to be demolished so as to re-build tall buildings. The same thing can be said for Thai.

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